About Us

Cyclodextrin Research & Development Laboratory is the world's largest and only all-round cyclodextrin research and development laboratory, having the longest tradition, richest literature collection and broadest circle of customers. Pioneers in Cyclodextrin Research & Development since 1972, Prof. Dr. József Szejtli and his staff of internationally acknowledged experts have been working on the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, agrochemical, environmental and analytical applications of cyclodextrins.
Virtuadrug research and development company is a rapidly growing, innovative operation aimed at offering solutions for high-quality molecular modeling for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical database management and chemoinformatics. Virtua Drug integrates areas of expertise such as computer science, biology and biochemistry thus facilitating the utilization of informatics with biochemical models to interpret experimental data, develop predictive models and support biochemistry and medicine.
As an expert in information-technology, data communication and system integration, Delta Informatika Inc belongs to those few in Hungary that is capable of providing complex information and management solutions in small-, medium- and large-company sectors and in public administration as well. Besides this main activity Delta Informatika Inc has started to develop computer programmes and databases, which can be applied in science.